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Keyword search

All images on this site have keywords attached that can be used to help find them. All keywords are dynamic. If you don't think you are using the correct keyword you can browse our Keyword index which can be accessed under the Search tab above.

How to carry out a search

To conduct a search enter the relevant word or words in the search box at the top of the page (or in the centre of the home page). To narrow your search use the 'within results' tick box in the Advanced Search menu.

You can also do a more advanced Boolean and/or/not search to create more advanced queries. If you wish to return to your original search, you can click the 'reset filters' link, before choosing different filters.

If you're not sure of the spelling of a word or its ending, you can use a wildcard (*) to complete the word, allowing you to search without typing in the whole word. For example, if you enter 'wild*' the search results will display all images starting with 'wild', i.e. wildflower, wildlife, wilderness and wild.

You can also narrow down your search by orientation, season and shot type.

How to use your lightbox

You must register on our website in order to use the lightbox facility on the website. In order to register, click the 'Register' button in the top right corner. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before creating an account.

A lightbox enables you store images while you are making your selection. If you wish to add images to your lightbox click the '+ lightbox' button. This button appears when viewing images on the search results page.

The lightbox is displayed at the bottom of your screen so that it can be viewed while continuing to search the database.

If you wish to e-mail your lightbox to a third party click maximise in the menu bar at the top of the lightbox and then click button at the top left of your screen. Notes can also be added to the image by clicking the button to the right of each image. Click the 'lightbox' options for further lightbox options.

How to purchase images

To be able to purchase images online you must have registered an account on our website and your account.

(a) If you wish to add images to your order click the shopping basket icon next to each required image. This icon appears when viewing images on the search results page, the gallery pages and the image preview page. A new order is created automatically when you add the first image and stays pending until you have completed all the necessary steps.

(b) The images you have ordered will be visible in the pending order box which is viewable at the bottom of your screen. If your order is not visible at the bottom of the screen, click 'Cart' at the bottom of the screen. This enables you to see what you are ordering while continuing to search the database. If you wish to remove an image from your order click the ' - ' button that is displayed when you move your mouse over an image in the pending order box or select the image on the Order page and then click 'Remove selected files'.

(c) When you are ready to purchase the images you have chosen click 'Order' at the bottom of the screen or 'Order' in the top right corner. (The red number after Order shows how many images you've put into your order). You are now in the 'current order' page.

(d) In order for our staff to confirm a price for the image licence we ask you to fill in details of how you intend to use the image (i.e. the size, territory, language editions and print run) in the empty box to the right of each image on the 'current order' page. If a price agreement is not already in place a member of staff will contact you to agree a price as soon as your order is completed. If the usage details are the same for every image in your order click the 'copy details to all other files' at the bottom of the usage details box to save you repeating the information.

(e) Please read the terms and conditions using the link at the bottom of the order page, and click the tick box to accept them. We require you confirm you agree with the terms and conditions of our licence agreement before you can proceed. Then click 'Next'.

(f) If you hold immediate download permissions you will now be in the download page. You will be able to download immediately from this page by following the on screen instructions. Follow the instructions on screen to complete your download. Images can be downloaded individually, or all at once as a zip file (in high resolution or low resolution), or individual images can be sent via email.

(g) If you do not hold immediate download permissions your order is automatically sent to a member of our staff who will check and approve your order as quickly as possible. On receiving our email reply that states the images are ready for download please follow the on-screen instructions to download your order.

Please note that you do not have to finalise an order during a session. You can come back at any time to a pending order.

If you need any assistance at all in navigating or using the site, please email us ( or call on +44 (0)7709 581191.
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